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A Brief History of
Griffith Pottery House, Inc.
   GRIFFITH POTTERY HOUSE, INC. started as a hobby of Mr. A. James Griffith, Jr. while working as a salesman for a chemical company. He began teaching students the "art of ceramics" and opened a store in Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1944. The students would learn the process of taking raw clay to create ceramic pieces and led to the sales of supplies and raw materials. During World War II, Mr. Griffith published a book on how to make ceramic pieces and ceramic jewelry that was sold to U.S.O. clubs throughout the United States. 
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   The business was moved to its present location in Oreland, Pennsylvania. A larger facility was required as the hobby of making ceramics was developing at a rapid rate throughout the Philadelphia area. 
   Screen printing was implemented in order to produce larger quantities with speed and consistency. The ceramic classes were soon replaced by large orders for custom screen printed porcelain jewelry, ceramic tile, ceramic ashtrays, and ceramic steins. 
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   A. James Griffith, Jr. retired turning the business over to his son Kevin Griffith. Equipment was added that enabled screen printing onto t-shirts, sweatshirts and an assortment of promotional products. In 1992, the art department was made fully computerized to generate acceptable artwork for transfer to any promotional product. 
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   With our new automatic t-shirt press we are able to print up to 70 dozen shirts per hour. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of the products we sell. We are able to print on Ceramics, Glassware, Plastics and Textiles under one roof. 

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